E Cube

What is E Cube?

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Southern University of Science and Technology(EEE) also nicknamed “E Cube”. E Cube is composed of EEE, encompassing, endurance, and excellence, signifies the core value and the Department tightly bond to each other.


Core Values




The design of the Department logo is inspired by the changing forms of EEE, the abbreviation of the department full name. It also stands for the core value which are Encompassing, Endurance, and Excellence. The overlapping of letter EE means the collision of ideas at the Department. The little E on the upper right corner symbolizes the strength and team spirit. The color of the logo signifies the young and vigorous teams at the Department.



The mascot of EEE is a lovely elephant. Elephant rhymes both with EEE and auspiciousness— a traditional way of expressing the success in the future in China. In traditional Chinese culture, elephant symbolizes auspiciousness, loyalty and honesty. The design uses white and black color and dynamic drawings which express the meaning of power, vision and freedom.


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