Research direction

Research direction 1:  Optoelectronic information science and engineering

Sun Xiaowei, Zhang Xinhai, Chen Rui, Luo Dan, Chen Shuming, Wang Kai

Research contents:
(1) Energy photonics, including semiconductor optoelectronic material and micro-nano structure (including low-dimensional quantum structure), micro-nano material optical property regulation, electron/excitor/ photon efficient energy conversion and excitor optoelectronic device (X-LED and organic photovoltaic), etc.
(2) New display and lighting technology, including QLED, OLED, TFT and free-form optics, etc.
(3) Micro-nano photonics, including excitonics, ultrafast photonics, laser spectrum, optical microcavity and micro-nano laser and micro-nano optoelectronic device, etc.
(4) THz optoelectronics, including ultra-wide frequency spectrum and ultra-strong THz wave, THz metamaterial, THz spectrum and THz imaging, etc.
(5) Liquid crystal photonics, including liquid crystal optoelectronic device, new liquid crystal display technology and liquid crystal smart window, etc.
(6) Optical photonics, including high-power fiber laser, optical photonic device, optical fiber sensing technology and all-optical amplifier, etc.

Research direction 2: Microelectronics science and engineering
Yu Hongyu, Wang Fei, Cui Dehu, Jaewon Park, Zhan Chenchang

Research contents:
(1) Semiconductor material and device, including semiconductor device physics, functional electronic material and solid electronic device, etc.
(2) Integrated circuit and system, including analog, mixed signal, power management electronic circuit and system, etc.
(3) Micro electronic mechanical system (MEMS), including MEMS energy harvester, etc.
(4) Computer aided design and manufacturing technology.
(5) Biological microelectronic mechanical system, including preparation of biomedical micro instruments, design and manufacturing of micro-fluidic system, etc.

Research direction 3: Communication and information system
Chen Yifan, Wang Rui, Zhang Qingfeng, Cheng Qingsha

Research contents:
(1) Small scale communication and perception, including molecular communication, nano communication, nano IoT, nano sensor network, bio-solubility micro-nano system, etc.
(2) Multiscale communication and perception, including large-scale multi-antenna system, heterogeneous social network, resource scheduling and optimization of multilayer wireless system, integration and cognition of wireless system and multiscale communication perception technology.
(3) Sustainability communication and perception, including green communication, green perception, energy harvesting technology, visible light communication, power line communication, wireless information and power transmission, orbital angular momentum modulation technology, etc.
(4) Design of microwave and millimeter wave communication front-end system and radar system, including design of antenna, filter, amplifier, mixer and other devices and system integration. 
(5) Space mapping technology, substitution model modeling and optimizing, electromagnetic simulation debugging technology, computer aided design of microwave device.

Research direction 4: Signal and information processing

Gong Yi, Quan Zhi, Chen Fei, Jian Linni

Research contents:
(1) Multi-antenna and multi-carrier signal processing, multiple-user detection and interference elimination, common frequency simultaneous full duplex, cognitive and collaborative communication signal processing.
(2) Adaptive signal processing, distributed signal processing, adaptive filtering, complex network and big data.
(3) Next generation high speed broadband wireless access, broadband over-distance wireless signal transmission, high-precision RF system calibration and testing.
(4) Language perception and hearing aid technology, neural engineering and man-machine interface technology, biomedical signal detection and analysis.
(5) High-density direct drive motor technology, non-contact magnetic variable transmission technology, flywheel energy storage and smart power grid research.

Research direction 5: Computer science and technology
Luo Zongwei, Hao Qi, Zhang Jin, Wang Qi
Research contents:
(1) Perceiving and sensing technology of measuring crowd activities and behaviors, intelligent sensing and machine learning, smart wireless sensor network system, movable and wearable wireless sensor-actuator system.
(2) RFID and network computing, interaction and cognitive computing, service and cloud computing, big data and machismo design. 
(3) Algebraic coding, combinatorial mathematics, pseudorandom sequence design, cryptology and application.
(4) Next generation wireless network, wearable device and mobile health, intelligent pervasive computing, cognitive wireless network and frequency spectrum dynamic management, cooperative communication and network.