Key laboratories

Shenzhen Key Laboratory for Third-generation Semiconductor Devices
The laboratory is supported by electrical and electronic engineering disciplines, takes microelectronic technology as its core, centers on the key application technology of new GaN semiconductor materials, carries out innovative research on GaN power device and packaging technology, GaN MEMS sensor and GaN thin film transistor to cater for promotion demands of semiconductor industry transformation in Shenzhen and provides scientific support and technical service for development of semiconductor industry and fostering of emerging industries in Shenzhen. Taking “indomitable spirit” as the overall construction policy, it aims at international academic and technical research front, bases on the actual demand of industrial development in Shenzhen, carries out fundamental research on high-end applications, gathers and cultivates excellent technology talents, carries out high-level academic exchanges, builds an innovative and open system research platform and forms a domestically advanced, world-class and high-level scientific research and academic exchange base.  

Shenzhen Electromagnetic Noninvasive Medical Detection Engineering Laboratory

The laboratory will build microwave tumor detection platform, millimeter wave noninvasive vital sign detecting platform, new medical imaging device platform and hardware integration imaging device platform and finally construct a medical monitoring and nondestructive detection application demonstration base integrating technical R&D and professional training. In the meantime, it will build a medical monitoring resource center which is matched with the latest technology in the same industry through the world, provides overall information and technical resource support for relevant domestic industries and promotes establishment of industrial standards. Incubation and industrialization of relevant enterprises are promoted through the industrialization of the core patent technology. It will further establish an industry-study-research cooperation platform for domestically advanced medical monitoring, nondestructive detection technology and industrialization development, and promote the progress from basic research for application to application technology so as to boost the rapid development of relevant industries.

Shenzhen Key Laboratory for Electric Power Direct Drive Technology

The laboratory carries out research on high-density electric power direct drive technology and non-contact magnetic variable transmission technology, develops electric energy generation and utilizes new technology by exploring new theories and methods for motor electromagnetic energy conversion, promotes their applications in new energy power generation, electric drive and energy-efficient scenes and serve transformation and upgrading of new energy and equipment manufacturing industry in the Pearl River Delta. The laboratory is located in Dapeng New District, Shenzhen and covers an area of 650m2. It is equipped with a hundred-kilowatt electromechanical energy conversion testing platform and a middle-sized machining center to perform new prototype trial-manufacturing and system performance testing. It will actively promote the technical R&D and achievement transformation of offshore power transmission equipments and offshore direct drive wind power generation equipments by combining the industrial and regional advantages of Dapeng New District. 

Nanshan Key Laboratory for RF and Microwave Communication Industry-Study-Research Cooperation

The laboratory aims at integrating medium and long term information industrial development strategies of Shenzhen City and Nanshan District, focuses on the cutting-edge topics in the field of communication and information at home and abroad, solves the key issues of next generation mobile communication system (5G) and special wireless communication system and makes iconic original achievements. It researches advanced communication signal processing algorithms, RF and microwave system, smart antenna and cognitive radio technology, and provides technical support system and innovation platform for R&D and large-scale mass production of next generation mobile communication devices, wearable devices, intelligent robots and unmanned aerial vehicles. With the breakthrough in key fields and directions, it will strengthen the construction of scientific research foundation platform of key laboratory and talent team, actively carry out industry-study-research cooperation with high-tech enterprises in Nanshan District, promote scientific research transformation and boost scientific and technical progress, social and economic development in the region.