Sun Xiaowei’s Team

“X-LED Advanced Lighting and Display Technology Innovative Team” of SUSTC is led by Chair Professor Sun Xiaowei (member of “1000 Talents Program”, academician of Asian Pacific Academy of Materials and SID/SPIE/IoP Fellow). Its members include Distinguished Professor Guo Haozhong (IEEE/OSA/SPIE/IET Fellow), Professor Renaud Bachelot (council member of the French Physical Society), Professor Liu Yanjun (member of “1000 Talents Program”), Dr. Aung Ko Ko Kyaw and other high-level talents. The team has had over 20 years of industry-study-research experience in energy photonics, relevant photoelectric materials and devices, published over 900 papers, took charge of over 50 Chinese, Singaporean and French scientific research and application projects totaling nearly RMB 200 million and had a significant industry influence in the field of energy photonics.