MDBS-BHE 2017 Technical Program

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Student Paper Competition (15:40-17:10, July 09)

[1] Multi-Joint Coordinated Upper Limb Training Assisted with a Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES)-Robotic Arm in Early Stroke: A Pilot Study

        3:40-3:55pm. QIAN, Qiuyang (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

[2] Continuous Blood pressure Estimation Using Photoplethysmogram Relative Intensity Ratio

        3:55-4:10pm. SHAO, Wenqi (Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

[3] Emotion Recognition Based on Decision Tree

        4:10-4:25pm. WU, Ying (Habin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School)

[4] Gait Analysis Based on Ear-worn Wireless Motion Sensor

        4:25-4:40pm. HAN, Tongmeng (Fudan University)

[5] Smartphone-based non-contact Respiration Rate Detection Using Single-frequency Ultrasound Signal

        4:40-4:55pm. WEI, Jing (Southern University of Science and Technology)

[6] Learning to Predict Blood Pressure with Deep Bidirectional LSTM Network

        4:55-5:10pm. SU, Peng (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Poster Session (17:10-18:10, July 09)

[1] Assessing Liver Viscoelasticity in a Rat Model of nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease using Rheological Models

        Ying Zhu, Qingmin Wang, Meng Shao, Zhen Lv and Xinyu Zhang

[2] Emotion Perception of Mandarin and Music Based on ERP with Cochlear Implant

        Xiaodong Chang, Sheng Ye, Tian Guan, Yonghong He and Jian Wang

[3] Design of Photoacoustic Signal Acquisition System Based on FPGA

        Sheng Ye, Xiaodong Chang, Tian Guan, Yonghong He and Jian Wang

[4] Geometrically three-dimensional Reconstruction by Fusion with IVUS and CAG Based on Non-calibration Equipment

        Xiansong Wu, Yong Zhang, Huailing Zhang, Yunquan Ju, Yilong Yin, Heye Zhang, Yuanting Zhang and Ye Li

[5] A Novel Bladder Wall Segmentation Method based on Single Excitation Magnetic Resonance Image

        Hui Zhang, Chaijie Duan and Zhengrong Liang

[6] Individualized Assessment of Cerebral Autoregulation Based on Transfer Function and Machine Learning

        Quanli Qiu, Pandeng Zhang, Aqiang Zhang, Lixuan Lin and Jia Liu

[7] The effect of fibrosis on the severity grade of steatosis in a rat model of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

        Qingmin Wang, Ying Zhu, Zhen Lv, Meng Shao and Xinyu Zhang

[8] Assessing the effect of collagen cross-linking with quantitative measurement of corneal viscoelasticity

        Meng Shao, Zhen Lv, Qingmin Wang, Ying Zhu and Xinyu Zhang

[9] Changes in the Pulse Characteristic Parameters of Normal Pregnant Women

        Kunyan Li, Yimin Yang, Zhenyu Chi, Hongqing Jiang, Song Zhang, Lin Yang, Dongmei Hao, Lei Zhang and Xuwen Li

[10] Characterization Researches of Dual Pulsed Laser Stimulation

        Tian Guan, Muqun Yang, Yao Li and Yonghong He

[11] A Comparative Study among Three Hypertensive Populations taking Different Antiplatelet Agent Together With Antacid based on Medical Big Data

        Yingying Wang, Qi Li, Dongyuan Wu, Jianfeng Liu, Denan Lin, Jing Zheng, Ye li, and Yunpeng Cai

[12] Design and evaluation of a photoacoustic imaging system

        Tian Guan, Yao Li, Muqun Yang and Yonghong He

[13] An Armband Blood Pressure Estimation System Based on Pulse Transit Time with Automatic Calibration

        Chongming Zhang, Jiayuan Lian, Shuo Cheng and Ting Ma

[14] Performance and Accuracy Analysis of Continuous Blood Pressure Measurement

        Xiaorong Ding, Ni Zhao and Yuanting Zhang

[15] An Analytical Model for an Unsealed Air-coupled CMUT with Helmholtz Resonator Structure

        Xin Liu, Yuanyu Yu, Jiujiang Wang, Sio Hang Pun, Peng Un Mak and Mang I Vai

[16] A Secure and Privacy-Preserving Framework for Wireless Body Sensor Networks

        Sandeep Pirbhulal, Heye Zhang, Wanqing Wu, Yuanting Zhang and Ye Li

[17] Continuous Cuffless Blood Pressure Estimation Based on Two Channels of Pulse Pressure Wave

        Bo Wen, Jiukui Liu, Qingyun He, Wenqi Shao and Ye Li

[18] Quality and Analysis of Wearable ECG Signals Based on Different Electrodes

        Yuechao Zhao, Xiaoyu Wang, Hongyu Chen and Wei Chen

[19] A Wearable Sensor System Based on Graphene Nanotechnology for Respiratory Monitoring

        Zhenhao Zhang, Haoran Ren, Ranran Wang, Zherui Cao and Wei Chen

[20] Wearable System and Algorithm Development for Gait Analysis

        Peizhi Wang, Pengyi Yang, Chenglu Sun and Wei Chen

[21] Finger Motion Recognition Based on Topic Model and SVM

        Jie Li, Xiaorong Zhou, Yingke Liu, Shuo Cheng, Liangkun Qi and Ting Ma

[22] A Wireless, Wearable, and Distributed Human Physiological Condition Estimate System

        Shuo Cheng, Jiayuan Lian, Ting Ma, Jie Li, Chongming Zhang, Liangkun Qi, Ying Wu and Xiaorong Zhou

[23] Development of a Smart Wristband-based Mobile Application for CPR Training

        Ho Yuen Cheung and Kevin Hung

[24] Development of an Upper-limb Orthosis with Force Haptic Feedback for Rehabilitation

        Liang Rongle, Nathan Wan, Kevin Hung, Sheung-On Choy, Carlin Chu, Douglas Ng and Daniel H.K. Chow

[25] Effect of Respiration on the Characteristic Ratios of Oscillometric Pulse Amplitude Envelope in Blood Pressure Measurement

        Yihan Gui, Fei Chen, Alan Murray and Dingchang Zheng

[26] Flexible and Wearable Tactile Sensor for Biomedical Application

        Ningqi Luo, Yan Huang, Chingping Wong, Yuanting Zhang and Ni Zhao

[27] A High-thoughtput Method for Quantifying the Vestibulo-ocular Response in Zebrafish larvae

        Peng Sun, Mang I Vai and Fangyi Chen

Sponsor: IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology

Technical Co-Sponsors: Southern University of Science and Technology, Key Lab for Health Informatics of Chinese Academy of Sciences at SIAT

Supported by Ofweek