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Shuming CHEN 树明

Ph.D.(HKUST), Associate Professor

Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering,

Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech)

1088 Xueyuan Rd.,Nanshan, Shenzhen, China 518055

Phone: +86-755-8801 8522; Email: chensm@sustc.edu.cn

Office: Rm. 524, 2nd Faculty Research Building (二科524


Please CONTACT ME if you are interested in our group!


Dr. Shuming CHEN received his BS degree in optoelectronics from South China University of Technology (SCUT) in 2005. And then, due to his excellent academic record (2nd/55), he was admitted to the Department of Physics, Sun Yat-Sen University (SYSU) with exemption for entrance examination, where he obtained his ME degree in 2008. He then studied with Professor Hoi-Sing Kwok at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and received his PhD degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering in 2012. From Sep. 2012-May 2013, he worked as postdoctoral researcher in Center for Display Research, HKUST and part time senior engineer in Sinodisplay Technology Co. Ltd. to develop active-matrix (AM) organic light-emitting displays (OLEDs). He officially joined the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, SUSTech as an Assistant Professor in June 2013 and was promoted to tenured Associate Professor in Nov 2018.  


His research interests include OLED, QLED, TFT and other novel (opto-)electronic devices and their application in Displays. He has published over 80 SCI papers on high impact journals including Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional/Optical Materials, ACS Nano, Angewandte Chemie, Nano Energy with more than 2000 citations.

Honors and Awards







◆国际信息显示协会“杰出论文奖”(2017, 2018

◆南科大“青年科研奖”(2016)、“杰出科研奖” 2017



Current Research Focus


Colloidal Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diodes (QLED) have attracted considerable interests in recent years because of their advantages of high color saturation, tunable emission color and inherent high stability, which make them promising candidates for next generation displays. We focus on developing efficient and stable QLED devices through designing novel structures, engineering critical interfaces, investigating working mechanisms, and exploring novel fabrication processes.


Topics under investigation include:

²  Device Structures. Novel device structures such as microcavity, top-emitting, tandem, inverted, transparent, flexible, white-emission, light-coupling and etc.

²  Device Physics. Including carrier injection and transport, charge balance, exciton dynamic, degradation mechanisms, interfacial physics and etc.

²  Fabrication Processes. Low-cost fabrication techniques including all-solution processing, ink-jet printing, transferring, laminating and etc.

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QD structure and light-emitting spectra


QLED structure

Potential application in future displays



Selected Recent Publications

01.  Qiang Su, Yizhe Sun, Heng Zhang, Shuming Chen*, “Origin of Positive Aging in Quantum-Dot Light-Emitting Diodes”, Advanced Science, DOI: 10.1002/advs.201800549 (2018).

02.  Heng Zhang, Qiang Su, Yizhe Sun, Shuming Chen*, “Efficient and Color Stable White Quantum-Dot Light-Emitting Diodes with External Quantum Efficiency over 23%”, Advanced Optical Materials, DOI:10.1002/adom.2018000354 (2018).

03.  Qiang Su, Heng Zhang, Yizhe Sun, Xiao Wei Sun, Shuming Chen*, “Enhancing the Performance of Quantum-Dot Light-Emitting Diodes by Post-Metallization Annealing”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, DOI: 10.1021/acsami.8b04705 (2018).

04.  Yizhe Sun, Weigao Wang, Heng Zhang, Qiang Su, Jiangliu Wei, Pai Liu, Shuming Chen*, Shengdong Zhang*, “High-Performance Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Al-Doped ZnO Nanoparticles Electron Transport Layer”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 10 (22), 18902–18909 (2018).

05.  Heng Zhang, Shuming Chen*, Xiao Wei Sun “Efficient Red/Green/Blue Tandem Quantum-Dot Light-Emitting Diodes with External Quantum Efficiency Exceeding 21%”, ACS Nano, 12, 697-704 (2018).

06.  Heng Zhang, Xiaowei Sun, Shuming Chen*, “Over 100 cd/A efficient quantum dot light-emitting diodes with inverted tandem structure”, Advanced Functional Materials, 27, 1700610 (2017).

07.  Xiaoli Zhang+, He Liu+, Weigao Wang+, Jinbao Zhang, Bing Xu, Ke Lin Karen, Yuanjin Zheng, Sheng Liu, Shuming Chen*, Kai Wang, Xiao Wei Sun*, “Hybrid perovskite light-emitting diodes based on perovskite nanocrystals with organic-inorganic mixed cations”, Advanced Materials, 29, 1606405 (2017).

08.  Xiaoli Zhang, Weigao Wang, Bing Xu, Sheng Liu, Haitao Dai, Dun Bian, Shuming Chen*, Kai Wang*, Xiao Wei Sun*, “Thin film perovskite light-emitting diode based on CsPbBr3 powders and interfacial engineering”, Nano Energy, 37, 40-45 (2017).

09.  Hung-Chia Wang+, Weigao Wang+, An-Cih Tang, Hsin-Yu Tsai, Zhen Bao, Toshiyuki Ihara, Naoki Yarita, Hirokazu Tahara, Yoshihiko Kanemitsu*, Shuming Chen*, and Ru-Shi Liu*, “High-Performance CsPb1-xSnxBr3 Perovskite Quantum Dots for Light-Emitting Diodes”, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 129, 13838-13842 (2017).

10.  Hung-Chia Wang, Heng Zhang, Hao-Yue Chen, Han-Cheng, Yeh, Mei-Rurng Tseng, Ren-Jei Chung*, Shuming Chen*, Ru-Shi Liu*, “Cadmium-free InP/ZnSeS/ZnS Heterostructured-Based Quantum Dot Light-emitting Diodes with ZnMgO Electron Transport Layer and a Brightness of over 10000 cd/m2”, Small, 13, 1603962 (2017).

11.  Yizhe Sun, Yibin Jiang, Huiren Peng, Jiangliu Wei, Shengdong Zhang*, Shuming Chen*, “Efficient Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diodes with Zn0.85Mg0.15O Interfacial Modification Layer”, Nanoscale, 9, 8962–8969 (2017).

12.  Huiren Peng, Yibin Jiang, Shuming Chen*, “Efficient vacuum-free-processed quantum dot light-emitting diodes with printable liquid metal cathodes”, Nanoscale, 8, 17765-1773 (2016).

13.  Heng Zhang, Yuanxiang Feng, Shuming Chen*, “Improved efficiency and enhanced color quality of light emitting diodes with quantum dot and organic hybrid tandem structure”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 8, 26982-26988 (2016).

14.  Guohong Liu, Xiang Zhou, Shuming Chen*, “Very Bright and Efficient Microcavity Top-Emitting Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diodes with Ag Electrodes”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 8 (26), 16768–16775 (2016).

15.  Heng Zhang, Hanrun Li, Xiaowei Sun, Shuming Chen*, “Inverted quantum-dot light-emitting diodes fabricated by all-solution processing”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 8(8), 5493-5498 (2016).

16.   Yibin Jiang, Shuming Chen*, Guijun Li, He Li and Hoi Sing Kwok*, “A low-cost nano-modified substrate integrating both internal and external light extractors for enhancing light out-coupling in organic light-emitting diodes”, Advanced Optical Materials, 2, 418-422 (2014).

17.   Shuming Chen, Guiping Tan, Wai-Yeung Wong and Hoi Sing Kwok, “White organic light-emitting diodes with evenly separated red, green and blue colors for efficiency/color rendition trade-off optimization”, Advanced Functional Materials, 21,3785-3793 (2011).

Full Publication List




01.  PI, National Natural Science Foundation of China (国家自然科学面上基金): High Performance QLED, Project No.: 61775090, 0.7 Million RMB, 2018.1~2021.12

02.  PI, National Natural Science Foundation of China (国家自然科学青年基金): Study of Phosphorescent Sensitized QLED and Its Exciton Dynamics, Project No.: 61405089, 0.25 Million RMB, 2015.1~2017.12

03.  PI, Guangdong Natural Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholars (广东自然科学杰出青年基金): Liquid Metals Based Printable Electrodes and Their Application in Optoelectronic Devices, Project No.: 2016A030306017, 1.0 Million RMB, 2016.6 ~ 2020.6

04.  PI, Guangdong Special Support Program for Talent Young Scholars (广东特支计划青年拔尖人才基金): Study of Efficient QLED, Project No.: 2014TQ01X015, 0.3 Million RMB, 2015.4~ 2018.3

05.  PI, Support Program for Outstanding Young Teachers in Guangdong Universities (广东高校优秀青年教师培养计划): Printable Electrodes and Their Application in QLED, Project No.: YQ2015147, 1.0 Million RMB, 2016.1~2019.1

06.  PI, 广东省科技发展专项资金(前沿与关键技术创新方向粤港联合创新领域),高效率量子点电致发光材料及器件的研究,Project No.:2017A050506001, 0.5 Million RMB2017.8~2019.8

07.  PI, Shenzhen Fundamental Research Project (深圳市基础研究): Top-Emitting QLED with High Color Saturation, Project No.: JCYJ20140417105742713, 0.3 Million RMB, 2014.8~2016.8

08.  PI, Shenzhen Fundamental Research Project (深圳市基础研究): Printing QLED, Project No.: JCYJ201703071052592900.3 Million RMB, 2017.8~2019.7

09.  PI, SUSTech Start-Up Fund for New Faculty (南方科技大学科研启动经费), 6.0 Million RMB, 2014.1~2017.12

10.  Co-I, National Key Research and Development Program of China (国家重点研发计划重点专项): Study of High Efficiency and High Stability QLED, Project No.: 2016YFB0401700, 5.45 Million RMB, 2016.8~2020.8

11.  Co-I, Shenzhen Peacock Group Plan (深圳市孔雀团队), Project No.: KQTD2015071710313656, 20 Million RMB, 2015.11~2020.11



EE322: 光电器件工艺实践Optoelectronic Devices Fabrication Laboratory

²  To introduce the clean room, high vacuum, thin film deposition (including sputtering, thermal evaporation, e-beam evaporation, plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition, spin coating), thin film patterning (including photolithography, laser direct writing, screen printing, inkjet printing),etching and other fundamental fabrication processes. Thin film characterization techniques including transmission, reflection, absorption, resistivity, thickness, surface morphology are also covered.

²  To introduce the working mechanisms, the fabrication processes and the characterization techniques of various optoelectronic devices including organic light-emitting diodes (OLED), quantum dot light-emitting diodes (QLED), photovoltaic (solar) cells, thin-film transistors (TFT) and etc.

²  Laboratory course requires hands-on work in fabricating and characterizing various thin films and devices including OLED, QLED, OPV and TFT. Process modules including sputtering, thermal evaporation, e-beam evaporation, plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition, spin coating, photolithography, laser direct writing, screen printing, inkjet printing, etching and etc will be covered. Student will also learn to characterize the fabricated thin films and devices.


EE403: 显示照明技术导论Introduction to Display and Lighting Technologies

²  To introduce advanced display technologies including display fundamental, liquid-crystal displays (LCD), organic light-emitting displays (OLED), thin-film-transistor active matrix (AM) driving technologies and etc. Cutting-edge research on display will also be covered.

²  Week 1-3: Display & Lighting Fundamental

²  Week 4-6: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Technologies

²  Week 7-9: Organic Light-Emitting Display (OLED) Technologies

²  Week 10: Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Display (QLED) Technologies

²  Week 10-12: Active-Matrix (AM) Driving Technologies

²  Week 13: Emerging Display Technologies

²  Week 14-15: LED Solid State Lighting

²  Week 16: Course Summary and Student Project Presentation


Team Members

RA, 2015.7-2018.8

PhD Candidate, 2018.9-now


 Working on Tandem QLED

RA, 2017.5-now


Working on QLED Device Physics

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RA, 2014.10-now




RA, 2017.7-now


Working on Printable Electrode


Visiting PhD student from



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Visiting PG student from


Bachelor: 海南大学

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纪婷婧 (2016 PG)


Bachelor: 哈工大

Working on QLED Patterning


陈炳伟 (2016 PG)


Bachelor: 哈工大

Working on MC QLED


(2017 PG)


Bachelor: 哈工大

王思婷 (2014 UG)




许鼎新 (2014 UG)



宿斯 (2014 UG)




黄宇 (2015 UG)




陈子楠 (2015 UG)




黄紫荆 (2015 UG)




袁锦东 (2015 UG)t






Visiting PhD student from



Now: Postdoc in Prof. C. W. Tang’s group, HKUST


Visiting PhD student from



Now: 武汉中南医院影像科

RA, 2013.9-2014.8

Now: 国显光电,工程师


RA, 2014.7-2015.6

Now: PhD Candidate in HKUST


Visiting PG student


Now: RA in SUSTech

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RA, 2015.9-2016.12

Now: 华星光电,工程师

冯渊翔 (2013 UG)




Now: 北卡PhD Candidate

李涵润 (2012 UG)


Now: Stevens Institute of Technology, Master


Photo Gallery


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