• Apr. 2019 - present Associate Professor(Tenured)

    School of Microelectronics, SUSTech

  • Aug. 2013 - Mar. 2019 Associate Professor(Tenure-tracked)

    Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, SUSTech

  • JUL. 2010 - JUL. 2013 Assistant Professor

    Department of Micro- and Nanotechnology (DTU Nanotech), DTU

  • Aug. 2008 - JUN. 2010 Postdoctoral Researcher

    Department of Micro- and Nanotechnology (DTU Nanotech), DTU


  • Sept. 2003 - July 2008 Ph.D.

    Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology (SIMIT),

    Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

  • Sept. 1999 - July 2003 B.E.

    Department of Precision Machinery and Precision Instrumentation,

    University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)

Research Experience:

  • August 2013 - present School of Microelectronics, and Department of EEE, SUSTech

    Associate Professor (Principal investigator, Supported by SUSTech start package and other grants, ~20 million RMB)

    Project: Multi-source energy harvesting technology for wireless sensor networks

  • July 2010 - June 2013 Department of Micro- and Nanotechnology, DTU

    Assistant Professor (Principal investigator, Supported by FTP, 3.9 million dkk)

    Project: Energy harvesting device with polymer electret for wireless electronic devices

    The main objective of this project is to develop a small-size energy harvesting device which is compatible with mass-production of wireless sensor networks. During this project, we have developed a few types of energy harvesting devices based on the electrostatic methods. Maximum power output up to ~10 µW can be harvested from vibration sources with low frequency and low amplitude.

  • Aug. 2008 - June 2010 Department of Micro- and Nanotechnology, DTU

    Postdoctoral Researcher (Host professor: Ole Hansen, HTF-Højteknologifonden, 18 million dkk)

    Project: Micro Sheet Resistance Probing (µRSP) with four-point probes

    The primary goal is to develop a novel metrology tool based on advanced MEMS technology, for characterization of e.g. ultra shallow junctions (USJ) in the semiconductor industry. Within this project, I have published 11 publications in peer-reviewed journals and international conferences. One WIPO patent is also granted for a faster and more accurate Hall Effect measurement method.

  • Sept. 2003 - July 2008 State Key Laboratory of Transducer Technology, SIMIT, CAS

    Research Assistant (Supervisor: Prof. Xinxin Li, supported by the NSFC and Chinese 973 program)

    Wafer-level IC testing is of great importance for the semiconductor industry, and the conventional testing probe cards will not be suitable for the next generation IC due to a lot of limitations. The objective of this Ph.D. program was to develop new probe cards with smaller probe pitch at cheaper cost based on MEMS technology. During this 5 years Ph.D. program, I had developed 4 different types of MEMS probe cards for various applications. Several new MEMS fabrication processes such as through-wafer electroplating and spray-coating photo-resist were also developed and are still widely used in the laboratory. Within this project, I had totally published 13 peer-reviewed papers in the first-level journals and conferences such as J-MEMS, JMM, IEEE IEDM, IEEE MEMS, and Transducers. Additionally, 2 Chinese patents are granted.

  • Sept. 2002 - July 2003 Laboratory of Intelligent Micro-System, USTC

    Research Assistant (Advisor: Prof. Wenhao Huang)

    Modeling and Simulation for Optical Driven Micro-Propeller Shaped Rotor

Teaching, Supervision and Management experience:

  • 2013-now, supervisor for 3 master students and 5 Ph.D students; mentor for more than 20 undergraduate students in ShuRen College
  • 2013-now, EE202 (Digital Circuit), EE305(Introduction to VLSI Technology), EE306 (Introduction to MEMS)
  • 2013, teaching “33250 Semiconductor Technology” (5 ECTS) in DTU Nanotech and a Ph. D course “Sustainable wireless sensor networks” in Aalborg University.
  • 2013, UDTU course, level 4.
  • 2012, supervisor for two master students and one bachelor student.
  • 2012, supervisor for two bachelor students for 3-weeks course 33470: Micro-3W and Grøn Dyst.
  • 2012, UDTU course, level 2 & 3.
  • 2011, supervisor for two bachelor students with their 34029 Fagprojekt (10 ECTS points).
  • 2011, supervisor for two bachelor students’ project (20 ECTS points).
  • 2011, project supervisor for two students in 3-weeks course 33470: Micro-3W.
  • 2010, UDTU course: level 1.
  • 2009, project supervisor for three students in the advanced course 33355: Micro-2
  • 2004-2008, co-founder and coordinator for MEMS saloon in SIMIT.

Funding, Honors and Awards:

  • 2020, PI, 深圳市韶音科技有限公司,10万元。
  • 2019, PI, Nanshan District Special Program, 5 Million, (深圳市南山区5G前沿技术专项建设,“基于第三代半导体GaN 材料的MEMS 环境监测传感器”,南山区科技创新局,2019-12-01至2022-12-01)
  • 2018,PI,Guangdong Science and Technology Program for International Collaboration, 0.5 Million RMB. (Project No.: 2018A050506001) (广东省省级科技计划项目,“微型振动能量采集系统及其动力学分析”,广东省科学技术厅,2018-12-01 至 2020-12-01)
  • 2018,PI,深圳市力策科技有限公司,横向课题II,7万元。
  • 2018,深圳市“青年科技奖”(全市每年4名高校,4名企业获奖者)
  • 2018,深圳市“先进教育工作者”荣誉称号
  • 2017,PI,深圳市力策科技有限公司,横向课题I,7万元。
  • 2017, PI, Shenzhen Fundamental Research Project, 2 Million RMB. (Project No.: JCYJ20170412154426330). (深圳市知识创新计划基础研究学科布局项目,“基于二维材料敏感薄膜的微机电系统气体传感器技术研究”,深圳市科技创新委员会,2017-07-01至2020-06-30).
  • 2016, PI, Open Project from State Key Laboratories of Transducer Technology, 0.25 Million RMB. (Project No.: SKT1606). (传感技术联合国家重点实验室基金,“应用于MEMS器件的驻极体材料研究”,2016年12月-2019年12月).
  • 2016, PI, Guangdong Natural Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholar, 1 Million RMB. (Project No.: 2016A030306042). (广东省自然科学基金杰出青年项目, “高效复合能量采集技术” , 广东省科学技术厅, 2016-06-01 至 2020-06-01)
  • 2016, Guangdong Special Support Program for High-level Talents. (“广东特支计划”科技青年拔尖人才, 广东省科学技术厅, 2016-07-01 至 2019-06-30, 2015TQ01X555)
  • 2015, co-PI, Shenzhen Fundamental Research Project, overall 3 Million RMB, with a share of 0.9 Million RMB. (Project No.: JCYJ20150827165024088). (深圳市知识创新计划基础研究项目,“基于微机电系统(MEMS)的多级震动耦合能量收集技术研究”,深圳市科技创新委员会,2016-01-01 至 2018-12-31)
  • 2015, co-PI, Shenzhen Fundamental Research Project, overall 3 Million RMB, with a share of 1 Million RMB. (Project No.: JCYJ20150930160634263). (深圳市知识创新计划基础研究项目,“重金属检测用高灵敏光电微纳传感器研究”,深圳市科技创新委员会,2016-01-01 至 2018-12-31)
  • 2015, co-PI, Shenzhen Peacock Group Plan, overall 20 Million RMB. (Project No.: KQTD2015071710313656) (深圳市海外高层次人才创新创业计划,“超宽频谱超强太赫兹波研发团队”,深圳市科技创新委员会,2016-12-01 至 2020-11-30)
  • 2015, PI, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC): “Micro electrostatic energy harvester with broad bandwidth for wireless sensor networks”, 249,000 RMB (Project No.: 51505209) (国家自然科学基金, “应用于无线传感网络的宽带静电式微型能量采集器研究”, 国家自然科学基金委员会, 2016-01-01 至 2018-12-31)
  • 2015, PI, Guangdong Natural Science Foundation: “MEMS based electrostatic energy harvesting device”, 100,000 RMB (Project No.: 2015A030313812) (广东省自然科学基金, “基于微机电系统的静电式能量采集器”, 广东省科学技术厅, 2015-08-01 至 2018-08-01).
  • 2015, PI, Scientific Research Foundation for the Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars, State Education Ministry. 35, 000 RMB. (教育部留学回国人员科研启动基金资助项目, “应用于微型能量采集器的驻极体材料性能研究”, 教育部)
  • 2014, PI, Shenzhen Fundamental Research Project: “Key technologies of electret materials for wireless sensor networks”, 290,000 RMB (Project No.: JCYJ20140417105742703). (深圳市知识创新计划基础研究项目,“应用于无线传感网络的驻极体材料关键技术研究”,深圳市科技创新委员会,2014-08-18 至 2016-08-31,已顺利结题)
  • 2014, co-PI, Shenzhen key laboratory: “Shenzhen Key Laboratory of 3rd Generation Semiconductor Devices”, overall 3 Million RMB, with a share of 0.6 Million RMB. (Project No.: ZDSYS20140509142721434) (深圳市创新环境建设计划重点实验室项目,“深圳市第三代半导体器件重点实验室”,深圳市科技创新委员会,2014-08-18 至 2016-08-31,已顺利结题)
  • 2014, PI, start-up research grant for new faculty in SUSTC, 5.98 Million RMB. (南方科技大学引进学术人才科研启动经费, “面向无线传感网络应用的能源采集器研究”, 2014-01-01 至 2018-12-31)
  • 2013, Shenzhen “Overseas High-Caliber Personnel Award” (Peacock Plan, B-Class). (深圳市海外高层次人才“孔雀计划”B类人才)
  • 2013, Conference stipend, Otto Mønsted Fond, Hellerup, Denmark, 8,000 DKK.
  • 2012, Conference stipend, Otto Mønsted Fond, Hellerup, Denmark, 5,000 DKK.
  • 2011, Conference stipend, Otto Mønsted Fond, Hellerup, Denmark, 7,990 DKK.
  • 2010, Co-Applicant with Dr. Ming Shen as PI, Project funding: "Microwatt Radio for Self-Sustaining Wireless Sensor Networks". Danish Research Council for Technology and Production (FTP), Denmark. (Project No. 10-093783)
  • 2010, PI, Project funding: "Energy harvesting device with polymer electret for wireless electronic devices". Danish Research Council for Technology and Production (FTP), Denmark, 3,866,400 DKK. (Project No. 10-080864)
  • 2009, Conference stipend, Otto Mønsted Fond, Hellerup, Denmark, 6,945 DKK.
  • 2008, CAS Zhu Li Yuehua Scholarship of Outstanding Doctoral Award (Top 240 out of 4,488 Ph.D. students graduated from CAS in 2008), 5,000 RMB. (中国科学院“朱李月华”优秀博士生奖)
  • 2008, SIMIT Presidential Scholarship, Grade 2. (中国科学院上海微系统与信息技术研究所,所长奖学金)
  • 2007, Best Student Paper (1st of 450 papers) in 9th Annual Domestic Conference of China Society of Micro-Nano Technology, Shanghai, 2,000 RMB. (第九届中国微米纳米技术学会国内年会一等奖)
  • 2005-2006, 2006-2007, CAS “Straight A Student” (twice). (中国科学院三好学生)
  • 1999-2002, USTC Outstanding Student Scholarship, Golden Scholarship (twice as Rank 2 among 89 students), Silver Scholarship (once as Rank 4 among 89 students), totally 5,000 RMB. (中国科学技术大学优秀学生奖学金)

Affiliation and Scientific service:

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Senior Member (2012-)
  • Grant reviewer for A*STAR Agency for Science & Technology, the National Science Foundation of China, and the Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee.
  • Plenary Chair for 2014 IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics − China.
  • International Organizing Committee for International Conference on Small Science (ICSS, 2014-2016)
  • Session Chair, for IEEE NEMS 2015 conference
  • Session Chair, and Program Committee Member for International Conference on Manipulation, Manu­facturing and Measurement on the Nanoscale (3M-NANO, 2014-2018)
  • Technical Program Committee Member for the 6th International Multidisciplinary Conference on optofluidics (Optofluidics 2016)
  • Session Chair, for the International Multidisciplinary Conference on Optofluidics (IMCO 2017, 2018)
  • Organizing Co-chair, for the International Multidisciplinary Conference on Optofluidics (IMCO 2019)
  • Technical Program Committee Member, and Session Chair for the International Conference on Nano/Micro Engineered and Molecular Systems (IEEE NEMS 2018)
  • General Chair for the 1st International conference on vibration and energy harvesting application (VEH 2018), Nov. 2-4, Shenzhen, China.
  • Technical Program Committee Member for the International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems (Transducers 2017, Transducers 2019)
  • 中国医疗保健国际交流促进会健康大数据和数字化医疗分会委员(2017-present)
  • 中国微米纳米技术学会微纳执行器与微系统分会委员(2018-present)

Reviewer for:

  • 固体力学学报
  • 光谱学与光谱分析
  • ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
  • ACS Applied Nano Materials
  • Advanced Materials Interfaces
  • Applied Energy
  • Applied Mathematical Modelling
  • Applied Organometallic Chemistry
  • Applied Physics Letters
  • Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology
  • Carbon
  • Chemical Engineering Journal
  • Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects
  • ECS Solid State Letters
  • IEEE Access
  • IEEE Electron Device Letters
  • IEEE Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems
  • IEEE Potentials
  • IEEE Sensors Letters
  • IEEE Sensors Journal
  • IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics
  • IET Nanobiotechnology
  • Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers
  • International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing-Green Technology
  • Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry
  • Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures
  • Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering
  • Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter
  • Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers
  • Macromolecular Materials and Engineering
  • Materials Research Bulletin
  • Measurement Science and Technology
  • Mechatronics
  • Microelectronics Engineering
  • Microsystem Technologies
  • NANO
  • Nano Energy
  • Nano Today
  • Nature Communications
  • Optics Letters
  • Science and Technology of Advanced Materials
  • Sensors
  • Sensors & Actuators: A. Physical
  • Sensors & Actuators: B. Chemical
  • Small
  • Smart Materials and Structures
  • Synthetic Metals
  • The Scientific World Journal